1."Forget the memories, that continue to live忘不掉的是回忆,继续的是生活"

  2."Love is not love is not only the most important to get along" “爱不爱是其次 相处不累才最重要”

  3.It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you. 我不介意你让我心碎

  4.≮A person is very good also.一个人也很好≯

  5.° If through time,through love.倘若看透时光看透爱。

  6.I thought I got rid of you. ( 我以为我把你放下了。)

  7.Smile when it hurts most. 最痛苦的时候,请微笑。

  8.Sometimes there is no way out exlep有时候,除了说再见,别无选择。

  9.Bread I bought you to me love on the line面包我自己买 你给我爱情就行了

  10."I miss your time, more than we fall in love.念你的时光比相爱长"

  11."Your arms felt like home, but I was homeless"

  12.You’re the color of my blood(你是我血液里涌动的色彩)

  13.Is the specificity of people like it should be very happy 被专一的人喜欢上 应该很幸福吧

  14.No man is an island. 没有人是一座孤岛

  15.You love him love to thorough marrow I wait for you until the trapping yourself.

  16."Write the heart into the wind, but the wind is less than you, the wind sank to the seabed."

  17.Loneliness is when you're looking for a talk who cannot be found at the moment of you listen to the

  18.Be sure not to forget me.

  19.I want to be a thief steal your smile and steal your heart 我好想做一个小偷 偷走你的笑容 偷走你的心

  20."I will wait for him, but, this is after all a joke. 我会等他,但,这毕竟是笑话."

  21.'Maybe you and I will be missing but you should remember that I have been passionate for you. “

  22.I'm just a little girl lost in the moment. 我只是个一时很迷茫的小女孩

  23."Cool breeze washed the road is long why back ripping up the memories do not put"“

  24.He know you reluctant to leave the unscrupulous damage.他知道你舍不得离开才肆无忌惮的伤害

  25."Their love is so hard, but they can make it.Why can't we? ---他们那样艰难的爱情都能走下去,为什么我们"

  26."A lot of old words, said to the new people.[ 几多旧情话 讲给新人听]"

  27."Life is so much, don't be less than Mo case【.浮生如此,别多会少,不如莫遇。】"

  28.Baby you should go and love yourself.

  29.""Because of loneliness is the norm of life, so the company is particularly valuable.""

  30.I hope time will heal the wounds.我希望时间能抚平伤痕.

  31."Thank you for your smile, had been a panic over my time. 谢谢你的微笑 曾经慌乱过我的年华"

  32.One day I will shine elegant 【有一天我会优雅的发光】

  33.Now you're just somebody that I used to know.

  34.'Circle of people and the object at the light jealous of you in this life can not eat'

  35."To mask, Miss Lonely。逞强的假面,孤独的想念"

  36.We are never ever getting back together.

  37."If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me."

  38.How can from the bottom of my heart will erase you(要怎样才能从心底将你抹去)

  39.Either tolerate or be cruel 要么忍要么残忍

  40."was a queen, but I was only eighteen."

  41.I guess you're just waiting for an impossible person like me.

  42."Accustomed, one day.(已经习惯了,一个人的日子。) 、"

  43.I miss you but i miss you

  44."well ,Idon’t care even ifyou’re a sweet liar."

  45.I also have the life to be arrogant.(我还有一生可以嚣张。)

  46."Someone said love me, but never insisted on(有人说过爱我,却也不曾坚持过)"

  47.Rely on a feeling like a person.靠着一种感觉喜欢一个人

  48."People the most weak place, is reluctant to 人最软弱的地方,是舍不得"

  49.I like what he likes 我喜欢他所喜欢的 除了她

  50.If a girl is your tears please remember to marry her home. 若有女孩为你泪如雨下请记得娶她回家.

  51.As the winter cold will inevitably think of who也怪这个冬天太冷难免想起谁

  52.I want to go to see you then hug you. 我想去看你然后拥抱你.

  53.Crowded I always not see you [人潮拥挤我始终不见你]

  54.Met is the beginning but also left the countdown. 遇见是开始却也是离开的倒计时。

  55.原来,“You jump。I jump。”最好的翻译是“生死相随”。

  56.Is not easy to meet people do not easily say goodbye. 好不容易相遇的人就不要轻易说再见.

  57.Love to the depths of human loneliness. 情到深处人孤独

  58.Met is the beginning but also left the countdown. 遇见是开始却也是离开的倒计时。

  59.Miss who didn't look back. 擦肩而过谁都没有回头

  60.We are never ever getting back together.我们再也回不去了。


  62.祝愿欺骗我感情的少年 无爱一生断子绝孙孤独终老且长命百岁。I wish to deceive the feelings of young lo

  63."If you rememberme, would rather the world forget me. [如果你能记住我,全世界忘了我又如何。]"

  64.The best is not yet to come

  65.You hold hands is agreed. Said(你说过牵了手就是约定

  66.Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. 从内心发出的光,没什么能使它黯淡。

  67.Bread I bought you to me love on the line 面包我自己买 你给我爱情就行了

  68."If you rememberme, would rather the world forget me."

  69.I like what he likes 我喜欢他所喜欢的 除了她

  70.Crowded I always not see you [人潮拥挤我始终不见你]



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